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VTIC Finalist 2023

Hey there, wanderers! Guess what?

Big news – Kangaroo Ridge Retreat has scored a finalist spot in the 2023 Victorian Tourism Awards. Yep, we’re making waves, and we’re here to spill the tea on what makes our haven so darn special.

Getting Cozy at Kangaroo Ridge

Imagine this: You’re kicking back on the eastern slopes of Pauls Range, soaking up the vibes in Healesville, Victoria. Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is where it’s at, boasting two snug mudbrick cabins tucked away on a lane that’s like a secret passageway to tranquility. And oh, it’s adults-only – because we know you’ve graduated to the cool kids’ table

Next-Level Experience, No Joke

At Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, we’re not just about beds and walls – we’re here to blow your mind. Our mission? To whisk you away on a wild ride through the beauty of the region. Imagine a cabin pimped out with an in-cabin wine bar and a gourmet larder, so you can soak in the Yarra Valley’s vibes without even stepping outside.

Travelers Choice Badge 2021

Views That Stand the Test of Time

Hold onto your hats, because Kangaroo Ridge serves up views of the Yarra Valley that are like fine wine – they get better with age. Panoramic mountain magic is our specialty, offering a front-row seat to timeless beauty. Sunrise or sunset, it’s a show you won’t want to miss, no matter how many sunsets you’ve seen.

Navigating the Wild and the Unexpected

Let’s keep it real – it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Staff shortages, storms, and a tree playing acrobat between our cabins – we’ve faced our fair share of challenges. But hey, we’re as resilient as vintage vinyl, and our crew’s commitment is as unshakeable as a classic cocktail.

Economic curveballs? Oh, we’ve danced with a few. Interest rates and living costs trying to cramp everyone’s style?  Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is still here and is your go-to hideout away from it all.

Here’s to Timeless Coolness

Being a finalist in the Victorian Tourism Awards? It’s not just a feather in our cap; we’re delighted. It’s a massive shout out to our cabin crew for making each stay at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat happen! As we gear up for the big reveal on November 30th, we’re amongst good company with Hop It, Yerring Gorge Cottages, Tesslaar Tulip Farm, the Healesville Sactuary, and Yarra Ranges Tourism all being awarded finalist in the 2023 VTIC awards.

Looking forward, Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is all about keeping the good vibes flowing whether we place or not. We’ve got that timeless Yarra Valley charm on tap, just waiting for you to experience.

We invite you to join us here, where serenity meets sophistication. We just know Kangaroo Ridge Retreat will become your favourite chapter in the book of memories. Ready or not, here we are!

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