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Create your own unique stay at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat. There are experiences for every kind of traveller.

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Signature Stay

Ideal for romantic travellers who have plans by day and then want some alone time with those breathtaking views in the evening.

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Is it time to head for the hills, switch off and recharge? Yearning for some pampering massages, sunset yoga and dedicated chill-out time without leaving your retreat?

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More for the curious folk looking to find out what the big deal is with the Yarra Valley.

Think balloon flights, natural wonders, animal encounters and grazing tours.

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Fly in, fly out, sparkle in the sunset, and pop a champagne.

This is how you’re gonna go big and make a glamorous impression.

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Solo Stay

A solo ticket to escape. Here, no one asks you to compromise.

Find your rhythm, reconnect with yourself, and maybe—just maybe—dance barefoot, lost in your own music.

Wurundjeri Country
38 Turners Lane
Healesville, Vic, 3777 Australia


Healesville VIC, Australia