Autumn Wine Box

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Embrace Autumn’s Warmth: Kangaroo Ridge Retreat’s Wine Box

Explore the essence of the Yarra Valley from anywhere with our exclusive Autumn Wine Box. Carefully selected, this collection of six wines captures the spirit of the season and the resilience of our region. Priced at $295.00, including shipping nationwide, this collection goes beyond wine—it’s an experience. From the lively sparkle of our Blanc de Blancs to the rich depths of our Syrah, each bottle narrates a story of autumnal beauty, meticulous craftsmanship, and the vibrant essence of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat. Whether it’s the crispness of a morning dew or the warmth of an evening fireside, our Autumn Wine Box transports you to the heart of the Yarra Valley, inviting you to savour the season’s best from the comfort of your home. Indulge in the celebration of harvest, tradition, and innovation with Kangaroo Ridge Retreat—where every sip is an adventure.

Celebrate the Season of Change with Every Glass.


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Autumn Wine Box by Kangaroo Ridge Retreat

The essence of the Yarra Valley in a Wine Box! Kangaroo Ridge Retreat has meticulously curated collection that captures the soul of the region through six exceptional wines. Priced at $295.00, including delivery across Australia, this selection is not just a tasting journey—it's a tribute to the resilience and intricate beauty of the Yarra Valley and its viticultural heritage.

What's Inside:

  • 2019 Sparkling Blanc de Blancs by Steels Gate Wines: Kickstart your autumn evenings with this vibrant sparkling wine, embodying the crisp mornings and celebratory spirit of the harvest season. Its bubbly essence is a toast to the mesmerizing sunsets over the valley, making every sip a captivating experience.
  • 2020 Steels Gate Home Block Chardonnay: Experience the elegance and complexity that define the Yarra Valley's terroir. Perfect for savoring with a hearty autumn meal or relishing in the serene twilight, this Chardonnay is a reflection of local viticultural sophistication.
  • 2022 Soumah Pinot Noir: Embrace the cooler climate's gift with this Pinot Noir's depth and delicate aromatics. Crafted with meticulous care and passion, it narrates the dedication of the valley's vintners in every glass.
  • 2019 Pimpernel Estate Pinot Noir: Discover the varietal's versatility and richness through this exceptional Pinot Noir, a testament to the valley's ability to produce outstanding wines.
  • 2016 Medhurst Shiraz: As the evenings draw in, indulge in the bold character of this Shiraz. Perfect for fireside conversations and gourmet meals, it embodies the warmth and welcoming spirit of the valley.
  • 2022 Cre Wines Nouveau Syrah: Experience the innovative side of winemaking with this fresh interpretation of the classic Syrah. Bold yet approachable, it celebrates the promise of the new vintage.

Celebrate the Season with Us:

The Autumn Wine Box goes beyond a simple wine collection; it connects you with the heart of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and the excitement of the harvest. Whether you're enjoying these wines at home, at a gathering, or in any moment dear to you, the distinctive flavors, aromas, and stories of the Yarra Valley unfold, bringing the vibrant essence of our retreat into your world. This collection is an invitation to incorporate the unique atmosphere of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and the rich tapestry of the Yarra Valley into your life, enriching every sip with stories of resilience and beauty.

Embrace the Autumn Harvest with Kangaroo Ridge Retreat's Wine Box - A Symphony of the Yarra Valley's Finest. Available from the 7th of March until stocks run dry. We've got limited stock, so don't dilly-dally!

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