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We are a hidden place, a refuge for wanderers, visionaries and romantics. We believe in the deep connections, new experiences and the power of nature.
We’re excited you discovered our hidden gem in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Immerse yourself with the sights, sounds and tastes of the Yarra Valley. Arrive and escape. Don’t bring a thing because everything you need is already here.

Intimate | Secluded | Stunning

Luxury sans extravagance

Kangaroo Ridge Retreat offers you a down-to-earth experience that is luxurious but with just the right amount of exposure to the elements and nature.

This is more than a bed for the night. This is an adults only chance to get away, settle in and switch off. Fully engage with your surroundings and forget about what’s happening back in the city.

Just wait until you discover how our cabins make you feel. The experience is breathtaking and once you’ve arrived you won’t want to leave that view.

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A Deep Yarra Valley Experience

We are travellers at heart and the heart of travelling has always been about immersive discoveries. Delight in the view, taste a few drinks, play some music, take a bath and fall in love. Take a breath. Everything around you is the Yarra Valley.

It’s all here – wine, food and the view. Arrive, stay put and enjoy that magnificent view in comfort with all that the Yarra Valley offers at hand.

We’re fully licenced and have boutique wines, craft beer and artisanal products from the area all at hand to add to your stay. Take advantage of our well-stocked hampers and explore, eat up and be merry.

Discover and support the locals all in one place. The wide variety is a gastronomical expedition through the Yarra Valley. No designated driver necessary and there is plenty to take home as souvenirs.

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Curated experiences

We keep it simple here and do all the planning for you. So pack light and just get here.

If you’re after something a little more curated our stunning extras include late check-outs, day tours, in cabin massages, dinners on arrival and intimate sunset experiences.

No matter what you choose, everything is prepared for your smooth arrival – so pack light and do not bring a thing.

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Wake up and relax in bed with magnificnet mountain views
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A true insider knows there are mutual benefits of staying close and being in the know. Simply sign up, book direct and unlock exclusive insider knowledge and benefits to enjoy during your next stay with us. It doesn’t cost a thing.

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Tel: +61 431 558 247

Wurundjeri Country
38 Turners Lane
Healesville, Vic, 3777

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