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We’re delighted and it came as a super surprise to be included in Time Out Magazines 9 Best Off-Grid Getaways in Victoria.

Since Melbourne’s final(?) lockdown lifted at the end of October, 2021, we’ve been head down, bum up working hard.  We’ve been flat chat welcoming guests again. And it’s been great!!! We’ve been doing the thing we love again. As a result of that, we totally missed popping up on Melbourne’s Time Out Magazine’s radar.

But just to be a stickler for details, technically we’re not off-grid, but what does that mean anyways? We’re aiming to be grid independent and with our slow transition away from being dependent on the electricity grid. We’re halfway to being off-grid with our independent water supply, water treatment and solar arrays on site. What’s next, you may say….? Smart batteries, we’re looking at you kid!

You could say we’re semi off-grid, so you get the chance to really switch off. But, we now have pretty swift wifi in comparison to the rest of Healesville.  So much so you can stream Stan or Netflix should you have the urge when the view is covered by winter clouds. Similarly, we’re technically not in the Collidera hinterland (which…is…in Canada??), rather we’d call this Melbourne’s Yarra Valley and we look over the Great Dividing Ranges. But who’s keeping score because we are forever slipping up over the odd typo …accidentally….on porpoise of course!

We’re just stoked to be included. Thank you Time Out Melbourne.

And seriously with this amazing list, there are definitely some stellar places now on our personal travel bucket list.

Until we welcome you here, travel safe!

x Rebecca

Wurundjeri Country
38 Turners Lane
Healesville, Vic, 3777 Australia


Healesville VIC, Australia