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The Ridge House - Coming Soon

Nostalgic for next weekend?

The Ridge House – Yarra Valley is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Here, atop the rolling hills and vineyards, we invite wanderers and dreamers alike to escape and take a moment to sip a drink, soothe aching muscles, and soak in the breathtaking views.

At The Ridge House, time slows down, allowing you to truly savour every moment in the Yarra Valley.

Luxury by nature

The Ridge House provides a holistic and intuitive service, offering a wide variety of unique experiences to ensure that each guest’s stay reflects their preferences and desires, and most importantly, fulfils what they hope to take away from their time with us.


Here you will find the perfect balance of luxury, seclusion and bespoke service combined with just the right amount of exposure to the elements for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Personal Concierge

At The Ridge House in Yarra Valley, our concierge service epitomises professionalism, catering specifically to discerning guests seeking luxurious experiences. We ensure a discreet, efficient, and seamless process for all requests.

Our dedicated concierge collaborates closely with guests to grasp their needs, curate bespoke plans, and arrange every detail of their stay.

Each visit to The Ridge House is infused with its own charm and distinct offerings. Whether it’s an evening wildlife spotlighting adventure, a personalised wine tour, a private wine tasting with 360 degree views, private yoga classes at sunrise, a gourmet picnic in the paddocks, or cocktails at sunset by the pool, our concierge tailors each experience to fulfil every guest’s desires.

These services can be seamlessly organised prior to your arrival, ensuring a truly indulgent stay at The Ridge House.



What we offer:
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Shopping Requirements and Itineraries
  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Day Trip Planning
  • Curation of Unique Experiences


An overnight back and shoes on the floor in the foreground with curtains hinting to magnificent mountain views from the balcony.
A man looking out at the view of the Mountains from a balcony

Pack light

We are travelers at heart, and the essence of traveling is the joy of discovering new things.

That’s why we’ve curated your Yarra Valley retreat to have everything you need to taste, sip, and savour at hand. We’re talking boutique wines, craft beer, and artisanal products that are all connected to the local area.

We’re constantly updating our selection with new, cool discoveries that you won’t find without being a local. So, don’t stress about bringing your own food or drinks – we’ve got it all sorted with our well-stocked dinner packs, larder, and extensive wine bar.

Just kick back, relax, and indulge in all the flavors and vibes of the valley. It’s the ultimate gastronomical adventure, and you don’t even need a designated driver.

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