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Exciting news – Kangaroo Ridge Retreat just got a shoutout in Timeout Magazine’s list of top secluded getaways in Victoria! We’re pumped about it!

Now, you know we’re all about stepping up the game, right? Well, we’ve just rolled out something pretty niiice – in-cabin dining! Yep, your own personal chef experience right there in your cozy cabin.

Picture this: you and your favourite lounging on the cabin balcony, sipping on a good wine, while your private chef whips up a three-course feast. No need to lift a finger – we’ve got the cooking sorted!

Why connect seclusion and our in-cabin chef? Because we reckon the best way to embrace the tranquility of our secluded retreat is to kick back and let us take care of the dining experience. It’s the ultimate combo – privacy, stunning views, and gourmet dining all in one.

Major props to Timeout Melbourne for the feature – we’re stoked! And, if you’re checking out their list, it’s got us daydreaming about some seriously envy-inducing travel spots.

Can’t wait to welcome you to Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, where seclusion meets gourmet vibes. Until then, keep it real and travel safe!

X Rebecca. 🦘✨

Wurundjeri Country
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