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Yarra Valley Mid-Harvest Report 2024

The Yarra Valley is currently buzzing with activity with the 2024 harvest season in mid-swing. This is a crucial time for local winemakers. And at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, (and you know us…famous for our luxury accommodation and our handpicked selection of the finest local wines), we’re intimately attuned to the vineyards’ pulses. Our connections give us a front-row seat to the unfolding story of this year’s harvest, letting us in on the hushed whispers and buoyant expectations swirling through the rows of vines.

This year has brought its challenges, notably the wettest January on record, coupled with a testing yield. But, our adept viticulturists have navigated these trials with grace and skill, uncovering a harvest that sings with bold flavors and lively acidity. This achievement stands as a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Yarra Valley’s winemakers and the rich tapestry of our terroir. It also lays the groundwork for an enchanting romantic autumn getaway or a peaceful retreat into the embrace of nature’s beauty.

As we celebrate the romance and resilience of the Yarra Valley, we’re thrilled to unveil a special addition that perfectly complements these moments of connection and discovery: the Kangaroo Ridge Retreat Autumn Wine Box.

Hands holding a picked bunch of pinot noir grapes at the end of the growing season.

A Toast to Resilience: Unveiling Our Autumn Wine Box

In celebration of this season’s audacious spirit, Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is thrilled to introduce our Autumn Wine Box, a curated collection of six wines that epitomize the heart and soul of the Yarra Valley. Priced at $285.00, including shipping across Australia, this selection is a homage to the resilience of our region and the nuanced beauty of its produce.

  1. Sparkling Blanc de Blancs – Steels Gate Wines: A vibrant celebration of the season, this sparkling wine encapsulates the crisp mornings and the effervescent joy of harvest. It’s a perfect opener to any evening, mirroring the stunning sunsets over the valley with every sip.
  2. Steels Gate Home Block Chardonnay: This selection embodies the elegance and complexity of the Yarra Valley’s terroir. Ideal for pairing with a hearty autumn meal or enjoying amidst the serene twilight hues from the retreat, it’s a testament to the sophistication of local viticulture.
  3. Soumah Pinot Noir: With the cooler climate of the valley, this Pinot Noir shines through its depth and delicate aromatics. A reflection of the meticulous care and passion of our vintners, it’s a narrative in every glass.
  4. Pimpernel Estate Pinot Noir: Another stellar example of the valley’s prowess in producing exceptional Pinot Noir. This wine offers a unique exploration of the varietal’s versatility and richness.
  5. Medhurst Shiraz: As the evenings cool, the bold character of this Shiraz comes to the fore. Rich and warming, it’s the perfect companion for fireside chats and gourmet dining, embodying the warmth of the valley.
  6. Cre Wines Nouveau Syrah: A fresh take on the classic Syrah, this wine is a nod to the new and innovative practices that mark our region’s winemaking. It’s bold yet approachable, ideal for celebrating the new vintage’s promise.

Embracing the Season

The Autumn Wine Box from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat does more than just showcase this season’s finest wines; it links you directly to the soul of our retreat and the excitement of the current harvest. Enjoying these wines at home, during a party, or in any cherished moment allows the distinctive flavors, aromas, and stories of the Yarra Valley to unfold around you. It’s about bringing a piece of our world into yours, letting the essence of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and the vibrant harvest enrich every sip. This collection isn’t just about wine; it’s an invitation to weave the unique atmosphere of our retreat and the richness of the Yarra Valley into your experiences, wherever you are.


x Rebecca

Uncork the Essence of Autumn: Order Your Kangaroo Ridge Retreat Wine Box Today

Ready to embrace the autumn season with a taste of the Yarra Valley’s finest? Don’t miss your chance to experience the essence of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and the excitement of the harvest from the comfort of your own home.

Order your Autumn Wine Box today and let the unique flavors, aromas, and stories of our region transform your gatherings, celebrations, or quiet evenings into moments of discovery and connection. Click here to secure your slice of the Yarra Valley and bring the unparalleled beauty and richness of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat into your life.


Dive into the season with us, and let every glass tell a story of passion, land, and the vibrant 2024 harvest.

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