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Introducing the Inclusive Cabin Larder

Wanderlust with a little extra indulgence!

Starting June 1st, all stays at our retreat will include the ultimate perk: the Cabin Larder will be included in our cabin rates! Not only will you get to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings of the Yarra Valley and Victoria, but now, there is no more stress about what’s in and what’s not.

You can now treat yourself to a fully loaded mini providore without any guilt. Pick and nibble from a variety of locally sourced foods and spa products from independent businesses. With almost 80% of the Cabin Larder already vegetarian and a large portion sneakily vegan, everyone can indulge! Say goodbye to the confusion and stress of worrying about what’s in the Larder and what’s not. We have included all  supplied larder food items, soft drinks, and spa retreat products such as spa soaks and body scrubs to make your stay even more relaxed and enjoyable.

Why are we making this change? Our guests have spoken, and we’ve listened. Feedback from past visitors has suggested we include the Cabin Larder in our stays, making them even more relaxed and hassle-free. At Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, we have always aimed to offer unique and unforgettable escapes which embody the generous and creative spirit of our local artisans.

Therefore our new larder inclusive offering truly allows us to showcase the world class products of the region while helping guests to relax and retreat in natural surroundings with spectacular views and wildlife.


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The new larder experience is not just about holiday gluttony, it’s also a conscious environmental choice to help reduce waste production – a responsible food approach to help preserve this beautiful corner of the world. We’re committed to working with local businesses to reuse and recycle wherever possible and minimize its food (and waste) footprint. You can rest assured that you will be supporting the locals and as a result there is a significant reduction in waste because you do not need to bring anything with you. So now you can really – say no to BYO.

Complementing the Cabin Larder is our beautifully curated Yarra Valley Cabin Wine Bar. While everyone loves an all-inclusive offer, the cabin wine bar is not included. But don’t fret yet.With over 20 craft and boutique products to choose from, we believe it’s only responsible to offer these separately. Plus, we’ve got thank you gifts (for your babysitter or for yourself) like Mr Jasper Says candles, Passioned flower knitting packs  and Kangaroo Ridge signature wares like our pajamas, crockery, and glassware. Indeed we have boxes ready if you want to take a selection of wines home.

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top – you don’t need to wait until June 1st to book your stay with the Larder included. While winter in the Yarra Valley is amazing, autumn is spectacular! You can add this Larder inclusive experience to your booking now and be one of the first to indulge in this amazing offering. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence and let us take care of the rest.

Til we welcome you here, have safe and happy adventures!


x Rebecca

Wurundjeri Country
38 Turners Lane
Healesville, Vic, 3777 Australia


Healesville VIC, Australia