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Introducing Our Online Shop

It’s the vibe of the thing.

We so excited! While we can’t pack the mountains up and ship them to you in a box, we can still help you create the Kangaroo Ridge Retreat travel vibes at home. And by ‘at home’ we mean that for the time being while we have been sent our rooms we are focusing on getting those cabin vibes to you.

Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is a special place, an oasis for travelers, dreamers and romantics. We believe in the magic of deep human connections, new experiences and the transformative power of nature. And… now you can get these Kangaroo Ridge Retreat travel vibes sent directly to you!


Ridge travel vibes to you!

Introducing our ‘not your standard souvenir shop selling overpriced local products in the corner of the resort’ online shop – The Kangaroo Ridge Online Shop.

We are travellers at heart.

One thing we know about travelling is making the most of your time off and being present amongst stunning and pleasant things and supporting local. Have a few drinks, play some music, take a bath and fall in love.

So to start with – do you remember our great wine list? It changes with the season and every season we delight in tracking down and selecting some of the most treasured, celebrated and amazing Yarra Valley boutique wines. So for this spring we have a gorgeous selection of six wines from a six boutique wineries in the Yarra Valley. Celebrate SPRING with us!

And let’s talk about sleep. We designed our very own quirky range of PJs featuring our super cute kangaroo. Relax in blissful comfort in silky, incredibly soft, and natural feeling bamboo fabric. They are loose fitting, have pockets (a traveller’s must) and are genderless.


Wear these PJs on your next trip (… to bed) and continue the Kangaroo Ridge Retreat feels (…at home – but only for now).

After you’ve slept in, wake up and relive the smell of grapefruit, lavender and sandalwood with our body wash. This is a luscious unisex body wash for when your mood and skin need a sensual yet energising boost.

So for now, let us help you reconnect with the sight and feels of the views from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat.

So jump online to browse and buy now. ⁠⁠

Until we welcome you here, keep adding to your travel bucket list!

x Rebecca

Wurundjeri Country
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