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Music at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat

Capturing the feels of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat can be all about the music. Therefore we have created playlists on Spotify to help set the mood. Feel free to have a listen and follow.

We have provided you with a bluetooth speaker as part of the vinyl player to enhance the feeling of being on the Ridge. There are also some vintage vinyls for you to explore.

Please remember you do have neighbours and your cabin is its own amphitheater. Sound does travel. Indeed some prefer the sounds of the farms over music, so please be mindful.

Click on the link below to play our latest seasonally inspired playlist.

Spring awakening playlist QR Code

Smart Tv

birds eye view of cabin interior

Your cabin has a wall mounted smart television, with the basic free-to-air channels as well as Netflix and Stan.

You can find the remote control on the coffee table (batteries are checked before you arrive). Click on the button that looks like a house to find the Stan and Netflix Apps on the smart TV.

In room books and games

If tech is not your thing you will also find a selection of books and games, on the bottom shelf of the bedside table or in the left hand wardrobe.

Heating and Cooling



Your cabin has its own wood burning fire, it will be set and ready for you to light when you arrive.

Here are a few pointers if the fire isn’t starting as it should:

  1. Firstly, ensure the dampener is set to open. (Pull outwards). This allows air to flow into the fireplace. This is the small knob to the right of the fireplace that you shift to the right.
  2. Inside the fireplace, build a small nest using the firelighter at the base and loosely cover it with small sticks and kindling.
  3. Light the firelighter (if there is a silver packing around the firelighter – this also can be lit).
  4. Let the small fire grow and gradually add new kindling to it. Close the fireplace door.
  5. As the fire grows in size, add thicker pieces of wood until you can add the log. Ensure that each time you add wood, close the fireplace door.
  6. You have been given more than enough wood and firelighters for your stay and you should not need to use more than one for lighting the fire.
  7. When the fire is lit and going well, you can control the fire size by using the dampener. Keeping it open burns the wood faster.
  8. Upon exiting the cabin, close the dampener completely.
  9. If you have trouble, check that you are using small sticks and enabling the fire to breathe. It needs air to light properly.

IMPORTANT: Do not take out or place any ash or burning wood outside the fireplace. Do not place burning wood on the balcony or throw any ash or wood over the balcony.

If the fireplace still has wood burning in it when you are ready to check out, please leave the fireplace closed and shut the dampener. Our cabin manager is coming in after you leave to prepare the cabin for our next guests and will sort the fireplace out for you.

PLEASE do not place anything on the fire heater. This includes lighters, bluetooth speakers, jars, glasses and flowers.

We provide enough wood for your entire stay. If you run out, please let us know and we will fill it up for you. An extra wood load is $50.00


The Cabin has a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit. The remote control can be found on the coffee table (the batteries are checked prior to your arrival).

During summer to cool the cabin ensure it is on the cooling mode. During winter ensure it is on the warming mode. Then set your preferred temperature (by default the temperature is displayed in Celsius).

Pedastal fan

Kitchenette & Bathroom


Not self-contained

Your cabin is not self-contained and we try our hardest to let you know pre-booking, while planning to stay and before arriving. Think hotel suite with extras.

It does come with a basic kitchenette that is sufficient for whipping up cheeseboards and items from the larder or our dinner essentail kits. It includes:

  • A small stove top burner with basic pots and pans
  • A bar fridge that is already full with the larder items
  • A full wine fridge with over 30 varieties of wines, beers, spirits and ciders and non alcoholic beverages for adult tastes
  • A coffee grinder
  • The BBQ hire is included with the BBQ pack

Your cabin does not have:

  • An oven
  • A dishwasher
  • A microwave

We’ll be straight with you, the cabin is packed with local goodies for you to explore.

This is an innovative and stressfree experience where we do all the preparation and running around for you.

So pack light and just arrive!

All towels and sundries are supplied – of course! But we also have:
  • Hair dryer
  • Slippers
  • Robes
  • PJs
  • Bath salts
  • Body scrubs
  • Lip balm
  • Body wash and lotion
  • Shampoo and conditioner

Please do not bring or use your own bathbombs or body scrubs that have colours, coffee bits, leaves or petals, glitter or makes over the top bubbles.

Our septic system does not cope well with these products and they are not welcomed by the native animals in the area. There is a clean up fee if these are used.




Spare bin bags can be found in the third drawer in the kitchen.

Extra bins are located outside near the water tank. There are two black bins. One is for recycling – paper, hard plastic and glass, and the other for general household waste.

It does not matter which bin you choose for recycling and general household waste, only that it is separated.

The bin lids click into position to prevent animals and wind gusts opening the bins.

Water supply


Rainwater tanks

Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is located in a rural area and is semi off-grid. With the exception of electricity, we collect, store and process all our water requirements on site. We are lucky to be located in Melbourne’s water catchment area with clean and pure rainwater.

All water used on the property is collected via rainwater tanks. Our water is drinkable because it is treated on site with activated carbon filters and sanitised with UV. You can see the treatment facility underneath the cabin’s bathroom window.

Rainwater tanks also mean our water is limited. Therefore we kindly ask you to be water wise knowing that our spas are really a luxury.

Wurundjeri Country
38 Turners Lane
Healesville, Vic, 3777 Australia


Healesville VIC, Australia