We’re going old school

And keeping with the time warp, we are heading back to the roots of brewing and brewsters with super special guest Emily Day, Editor of Froth Craft Beer magazine. We are tasting the old (but new) – Old School American Pale Ale and the old (and old) lambic beer Oude Gueze Boon. We will tie these together with the Belgian beer traditions behind the Watts River Brewing philosophy.

Two beers, one old from Brouwerij Boon and one new from Watts River Brewing. Join us while we taste these two ales and chat with Emily from Froth Craft Beer Magazine!

It’s hump day and we need to celebrate another week gone. Together we drink and discuss Yarra Valley wines, beers and all things beautiful and delicious from Victorian boutique and craft industries. Hosted by Rebecca from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat  and Hanna from Watts River Brewing.

To get your hands on an Old School APA Case you can head to www.wattsriverbrewing.com.au and order it


Pick it up from their cellar door

If you’re keen on tasting the Oude Gueze Boon with us head to any good independent beer shop.

*yeap as usual, this was live streamed and was still subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!

And as always, drink responsibly.


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