We’re Going Dark!

It may be spring but there are still wild and woolly nights in the Yarra Valley. There’s not much we can do but sit back in the dark with the fire going and enjoy these two beauties. We are welcoming Liv Zak from Warramunda to the tasting panel to discuss all that is dark and delicious.

Celebrate making it to hump day with Wednesday Winos a virtual Yarra Valley Tasting with Kangaroo Ridge Retreat, Watts River Brewing and Hop It. Every second Wednesday the Wino Team feature beers and wines from the Yarra Valley and regional Victoria.

Join in the fun and ask questions with the wino team Rebecca, Ben, Sara and Jon.

Local | Delicious | Fun

*yeap as usual, this was a live stream and was subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!?

And as always, drink responsibly.


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