The Great Beer Off

It’s hump day and we are celebrating another week in social distancing land.  Drink and discuss Yarra Valley craft beer with Rebecca from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and Hanna from Watts River Brewing. Joining in on this hoppy virtual taste adventure is Scott The Brewer Meletos Brewhouse to tell us what he did, how he did it and what he thinks about it.

Two Yarra Valley IPAs  square off in a battle of beers!

It’s IPA against IPA.

To pick up an IPA, do it in one trip and head to Watts River cellar door first by going to 7 Hunter Rd, Healesville and then heading to Meletos Convenience Store 12 St Huberts Rd, Coldstream. OR take your time and do it separately.
call (03) 5962 1409 to pick up a 6-pack of Watts IPA. Thursday to Monday 11am-5pm Friday – Saturday 11am-9pm,
call (03) 8727 3000 to pick up a 6-pack of Meltos IPA. Thurs-Mon 10am-4pm.
*this was a live stream and was subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!


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