Check in and reception

Reception and arrival

Arriving at Kangaroo Ridge Retreat is a private affair. We will send you all the check-in details and directions prior to your arrival. The pre-arrival email will include detailed directions to find your hidden cabin.

It can happen that you will arrive and think you may have taken a wrong turn or gone up the wrong drive way. You may stand at a closed gate, somewhat baffled by the absence of a reception sign or desk which usually marks a kind of entrance. You may even think that you have ended up on a private hidden farm and at the home of some eccentric looking dogs greeting you at the gate. If you are unsure about anything please contact us directly via our mobile number, we are there to help.

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We provide all you need to escape, just bring your overnight bag
Cabin entry, no reception desk just nature

Arrival time

from 4pm

Before 11am

We ask you to keep to your check-in and check-out times.

Earlier check-in or check-out times are subject to availability and confirmation. They can be requested and purchased as an extra at the time of booking.