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    Summer Soirée Wine Box

    $250.00 inc GST

    Taste the Yarra Valley summer! Put on some sunscreen and hold onto your hat, because Kangaroo Ridge Retreat has your Yarra Valley Summer Soirée sorted.

    Our Summer Soirée wine selection is a blend of six local wine releases that are perfectly matched for your summer time. Think freshly mowed lawns and sprinklers, thunderous summer storms, garden picnics, long days with spectacular sunsets. This summer is a mixed season, so enjoy a blend of mixed wines including red, white, rose and sparkling – all perfect for your festive event, a picnic in the backyard, watching the rain clouds gather in the west or listening to the motion of the wind in the mountains.

    Delivered directly to you, enjoy six of Kangaroo Ridge Retreat’s spring wine picks matched for your summer festivities at home, in the garden or with friends.


    • Flat rate contribution Australia wide: $15.00

    In stock

    If you have ever stayed with us, you know how great our wine list is. We hand pick all our wines to match the Kangaroo Ridge Retreat view and feels of the season. We take a lot of time and care to select some of the most treasured, celebrated and amazing boutique wines.

    This season we are shipping a Summer Soirée Collection out into the world as a celebration of all things Yarra Valley. Selected by us and sent directly to you, let us surprise you.  Let us lead you through the Yarra Valley with six boutique Yarra Valley summer wines. Wines all perfectly matched for all your summer experiences.

    Put on a hat and sunscreen, breath in the fresh air, and delight in the  sunshine and rain. This is your Summer Soirée sent to your door.

    What’s in the box?

    • A mixed range of six Yarra Valley spring wines selected by us representing some of the best Yarra Valley small boutique wineries
    • This summer will be a mixed season again – so this box contains a delicious mix of 6 wines including rosé, sparkling, white and red all hand picked by Kangaroo Ridge Retreat

    Delivery options:

    • Flat rate contribution Australia wide: $15.00

    Available from 1st of December to the 17th of December or until sold out. Limited stock available.