Looking For a fox

?I’m all alone and fancy free, but that ain’t the way I wanna be! I’m looking for a fox! ?
Cedar Fox Distilling Co! A Gin and Tonic for Wednesday? Yes please!
It’s hump day so – yeah sounds about right! We’re trying the Cedar Fox Gin and the Cedar Fox Oak Gin. As usual, we are wanting to know a little bit more about this drop, it’s strong connection with the Yarra Valley and Healesville, and as usual we know someone who wants to share it with us.
Joining us on this taste tour is distiller Craig from Cedar Fox Distilling Co.
It’s hump day and we need to celebrate another week in social distancing land. Together we drink and discuss Yarra Valley wines, beers and all things beautiful and delicious from Victoria.
Hosted by Rebecca from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and Hanna from Watts River Brewing. 

To get your hands on some Cedar Fox you can head to https://cedarfoxdistillingco.com/ and order it online
Pick it up from a range of retail outlets across Melbourne as mentioned on Cedar Fox’s website
*yeap as usual, this was a live stream and was subject to the infamously sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!
And as always, drink responsibly.


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