You can lead a Horse to Water

You can lead a Horse to Water, but you cannot make it drink!!

But we’re not horses so we will be giving this little collaboration between Watts River Brewing and Sailors Grave Breweing a drink.

This little pineapple sour number is a little different to your normal hoppy brew.

We’re a bit excited! As usual, we are wanting to know a little bit more about this beverage and we know someone who knows the ins and outs.  Joining in on this ale taste tour is the brewer Chris from Sailors Grave Brewing.

It’s hump day and we need to celebrate another week in social distancing land. Together we drink and discuss Yarra Valley wines, beers and all things beautiful and delicious from regional Victoria. Hosted by Rebecca from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and Hanna from Watts River Brewing.

To get your hands on a bottle of Horse to Water can head to and order it


Pick it up from their cellar door
7 Hunter Rd, Healesville, Vic, 3777

If your keen on discovering another regional Victorian brewery check out Sailors Grave Brewing at

7 Forest Rd, Orbost VIC 3888

*yeap as usual, this was a live stream and was subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!

And as always, drink responsibly.


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