What’s the time? It’s GSM time!!
It’s hump day and we need to celebrate another week in social distancing land. Together we drink and discuss Yarra Valley wines, beers and all things beautiful and delicious from our region. Hosted by Rebecca from Kangaroo Ridge Retreat and Hanna from Watts River Brewing
What’s more…Pimpernel are releasing their 2017 GSM vintage and we get to try it! This groovy little number is inspired by the Rhone Valley.
It has a medium body with a smooth red wine feel. Taste the candied fruit, Turkish delight, bright red fruit and sweet spice. It gives no punches in the face because it’s super smoooooth and groovy on the palate.  We are needing to know a little bit more about this GSM! Who drinks it and where does it come from?  We know someone who knows the ins and outs of this great little number.

Joining in on this smooth and groovy taste tour is the winemaker Damien and Morgan from Pimpernel Vineyards. They will tell us all about what they did, how they did it and what they think about it. It is super delicious and truly worth the effort to get your hands on some.
To get your hands on a bottle of GSM2 head to:
and order it 
Call Pimpernel Vineyards to organise a pick up from their cellar door
0408 134 662
Pimpernel Vineyards
6 Hill Rd,
Coldstream, VIC 3770
*yeap as usual, this was a Facebook live stream and was subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!
And as always, drink responsibly.


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