We’re Bigger Than Ever!

It’s winter. The days are awash with fog and sometimes the sun does not even say hello. So that means pinot noir! A pinot noir from Mandala Wines and some tasty Iso IPA from Watts River Brewing! We’ve patiently waited for the new month to come together and celebrate what the Yarra Valley is famous for. Pinot Noir and a dry IPA!

James from Mandala Wines will be giving us a run down on their delicious Pinot Noir and telling us about the family that runs Mandala Wines. And Ben will show us about the inspiration into the Iso IPA.

This time around, Wednesday Winos grew in lockdown 2.0 with Hop It joining us as Sara and Jon join the tasting panel and help you get your hands on the goodies we are tasting.

It’s hump day and we need to celebrate another month in this new world we find ourselves in. So come together as we drink and discuss Yarra Valley wines, beers and all things beautiful and delicious that come from regional Victorian boutique and craft industries.

Join us as we taste a quintessential Yarra Valley Pinot Noir and chat with James from Mandala Wines ⛰️

*yeap as usual, this was a live stream and was really subject to the infamous sketchy as Yarra Valley internet!?

And as always, drink responsibly.


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